Blue Lagoon and the region of Vourvourou

Vourvourou - this means:

One of the most beautiful bays all over Greece, with crystal clear water and many characteristics of a lake, Vourvourou lies in front of the Sithonia Mountain, combining a quiet environment with many possible activities. All the possible necessary shops and just 13Km from the closest health center, Vourvourou is a dream location for someone to have the greatest vacations of his life.

In a walking distance in Vourvourou you can find a variety of taverns with fresh fish, Greek dishes and several international could cover every visitor’s appetite. There are also several cafe and beach bars to enjoy any beverage of your interest. In Vourvourou, you can also visit the settlement of the fishermen, with the old traditional houses where fishermen live till today. This is where you can get fresh fish every day.

Of the coast of Vourvourou is the Blue Lagoon in between 8 small islands and one larger called ‘Diaporos’, with the most amazing beaches in Halkidiki, where every guest could visit and swim, by renting a boat every day.

Halkidiki - Region

The Halkidiki peninsula, with its three headlands in northern Greece, offers you a memorable stay. The numerous coves and beaches with their pristine and secluded beaches and the crystal clear waters for swimming and snorkeling one. The nearest supermarket is located in Psakoudia. In the village are all important shopping (bakers, butchers, newsagents, international daily press and the like), cafes, restaurants and more available. There are many small taverns, waiting with Greek dishes as well with fresh fish for you. Other entertainment options by beach cafes and small bars are available. Several souvenir shops, a silversmith, who invite you realize your dreams into silver and other small shops, you to stroll.

Worth mentioning are the large markets in Thessaloniki, Nea Moudania, the largest market, Poligyros, Nikiti and Ormilia, the neighboring city of Psakoudia. Ormilia Vatopedi is the next nearest town, where you can go shopping. Here there is almost everything. A beautiful old town rich with great historical background. Halkidiki is full of sights, we, Holidays and More ... advise you about you. A Lidl is easily accessible by car or by car, you should want to do more shopping. The best fruit and vegetables, you still get from the farmers who sell their produce every day on the roadside stalls to the left and right side of the road coming towards Psakoudia Vadopedi / Nikiti.

Halkidiki as a destination during the winter

Even in winter the Halkidiki is very impressive. Here you have the opportunity to escape the unsettled and wet winter in Germany, Halkidiki and know of his other hand to learn. The air is clearer and the vision is a tremendous view of the cliffs across the Kassandra peninsula of Mount Olympus, with its almost 3000m high snow peaks. So clearly you do not experience the views of the area in summer.