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Rent-a-boat even without a license

An unforgettable experience with the motor boat through one of the most beautiful landscapes of Greece.


The blue Lagoon.


Visit the bird sanctuary area, be a captain for a day and drive with your family on one of the most beautiful waters of Halkidiki.

Find fine-sandy, lonely beaches of Karagatsi, have picnic on the rabbit island and observe the dolphins at their tricks.

Be one day on the motor boat and experience the unforgettable nature around Mound Athos.

In the season of 2010 this day-excursion with the motor boat around the blue lagoon was the most successful excursion of the year.

Our boats are new and you will be instructed by a professional on how to use the boats and how to behave at sea.

Coolbox with cold packs and a sun umbrella are being handed to you on loan.

Our boats are liability insured and equipped with enough life vests.

On your tour-day you will get a water-map from us, so that you can find the most beautiful beaches and blue-green waters.

You can snorkel, dive and sunbathe on the fine-sandy beaches.

Visit the blue lagoon, observe the dolphins doing their tricks and let yourself be charmed by the unique bird-world and the beauty of one of the paradises of Greece.

To the starting place you can get with your own car or the rental car (directions exist).
Also a transfer can be booked through us with a small transfer fee.

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