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The women monastery of Ormylia

A trip to an Orthodox monastery is always a profound experience. Like being on a mysterious journey without knowing what you are looking for or what you will find.The feeling of love and the unchangeable is beyond description.

Such a trip will leave its mark indelibly and write its text in your book of life. Such a journey lets pilgrims imagine how the nuns live and work. Would the monastery be a rainstorm in the summer, these are just a few drops of rain, but the drops will still fall on your skin coolling it. A day you will never forget. Upon your arrival at the monastery grounds one of the 120 nuns receives you to welcome you and assist your visit with some explanations. Please remember to bring clothing that is appropriate to visit the convent (no shorts, skirts, etc.); best covered shoulders and long skirts, men in long pants and long sleeved shirts.

When you have passed the entrance, a beautiful stone path opens before you that leads you past olive trees to the chapel of the Annunciation. Here you can light a candle and pray if you want. After that, your way goes to the atrium of the convent grounds. The stone-paved courtyard, planted with acacia trees, olive trees, pines and magnolias, is impossible to describe. It reminds of a composition of an exceptionally gifted artist. The nuns receive you in the shade of the trees, and ask you to take a seat at the wooden tables and benches, to serve you traditional refreshments such as Greek coffee, a sweat (Lukumi) and a glass of water. Some of the nuns have also lived in Germany and will, if you ask, be able to tell you many things about the convents and the life as a nun.

Here I would like to end our little report and ask you to explore the convent on yourself for the rest of the day, and perhaps share your experiences and impressions with us.

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