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The church of St. Dimitrios

When you come out of Psakoudia to Ormylia you can find the church of Saint Dimitrios at the top left corner of the village.

Saint Dimitrios (Demetrius) of Thessaloniki, in Greek Άγιος Δημήτριος της Θεσσαλονίκης; Russian Деметрий, (* 3 century; † around 306) is a saint of the Orthodox Churches and the Roman Catholic Church. According to legend, he was a Christian martyr, but his historical existence is unoccupied and doubtful.

Written records about the life of Dimitrios find 'themselves only since the 9th Century. He should therefore have been a son of an influential Roman family, who had been killed in Thessaloniki in 306 AD during the persecution of Christians under Diocletian and Maximinus Daia by piercing with spears, because he refused to chase his brothers in faith. In later times, when his image was transformed into a soldier saint, he was credited with having been a Roman soldier or governor of the province of Achaea.

Circumstances and the time of his canonization are unknown. The first indications of the canonization of Dimitrios dating from around 150 years after his assumed death. The Hagios Demetrios, center of Dimitrios worship dates from the 5thCentury. There are also kept his relics, but these were not found until late.

Dimitrios was particularly in the Middle Ages and important saint. In addition to St. George he was a patron of the Crusades. As the patron saint of Thessaloniki, he shall have protected them more than once before the conquest. Today Dimitrios is especially venerated in the Orthodox churches.

The nameday of Saint Dimitrios is on 26 October. On representations he finds himself as a young man in the costume of the Roman elite, but also as a legionnaire or knight. Partly the White Tower of Thessaloniki (16th century) can be seen in the background.

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