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Journey to Amouliani

Amouliani, one of the few primal islands of Greece


Amouliani is a small island in northern Greece, more accurately in Halkidiki. The word insider-tip is sure to apply here. Almost unknown, escaped from flat-tourism, you can find on this island the original Greece. Luxury hotels, discos or overpriced restaurants can't be found here.

What you will find is a wonderful green island with unforgettable sandy beaches and inhabitants, who treat us tourists as guests and not as troublemakers. Eat fresh fish at one the small taverns and enjoy the beauty of the island.

The island Amouliani is inhabited and lies at the Siringish Gulf in Halkidiki with a view of Mount Athos. Approximately 600 inhabitants live on this island constantly and it has been inhabited only since 1925. With hardly any tourism infrastructure, you can find on this island the original Greece.

You can get to the island by ferry from near-lying villages Tripiti and Ouranoupolis. The transport time is approximately 20 minutes. Amouliani is so small, that the only village that exist is Amouliani. A hilly landscape with forests are added and there are several beautiful beaches. Furthermore there is a great hiking area. The best travel-time is May and June, mid- August and September.

The stay should not last over 2 days as after 3 days someone almost is counted to the natives and knows everything and everyone. There is a very beautiful camping place and you can rent a boat for small "sea trips" without a license. The island is mostly visited by Greeks, thus you can see almost only Greeks if you visit it in high-season. Also a day-trip is a highlight.

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