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Visit the Athos- monasteries

- only with us -

Adventure - pirates - seagulls - dolphins - monks and as highlight the Mount Athos with its over 1000 year old history and its impressive monasteries.

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Thessaloniki airport – Psakoudia

You leave the airport area from the only exit road in the direction of Thessaloniki. At the first traffic lights you continue straight. After approximately 800 m you follow the exit (right) to the highway in the direction of Nea Moudania.

You follow this highway for approximately 60 km until the exit Sithonia (It comes approximately 2 km after the exit Nea Moudania). After you have taken the exit, drive right in the direction of Sithonia, Nikiti.

Follow this road for approximately 18 km until the exit Psakoudia (It lies approximately 3 km after the exit Gerakini).

When you have entered the village Psakoudia, follow the only road approximately 800 m until you see our Touristic Info signs as well as a pirate on the lookout (crow's nest). Here are our offices, where we will welcome you.



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Motor boat for self-driving, the most popular day trip

The most successful day trip of the last years.

- Blue Lagoon - the original
- The pirate nest Pirgadikia
- Stonecutter beach - unbelievable
- Into the sunset - fascinating